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1) Light processing products

Dear employers in the field of construction and civil engineering, you can choose Zargar lighting products with peace of mind for the lighting of your towers and all your projects. In addition to long life, these products have warranty and after-sales service.

2) Lighting products

Lighting products are a small part of Zargar's electrical and lighting industries. High quality and reasonable price are among our organizational values. Respected employers who are active in the field of construction, tower construction, street lighting, lighting of green spaces, lighting of pools and sheds. To view the products, they can click on the opposite photo.

3) Industrial switchboards

We have the honor to serve our esteemed employers by producing industrial electricity in three capacities: low pressure, medium pressure and high pressure. Also, the production line of all kinds of control panels has been launched.

4) Implementation of electrical installations

Zargar electrical and lighting industries, in addition to mass production in the field of electrical and lighting industry, the ability to implement all operational operations in this field, such as lighting green spaces, lighting water systems, implementing electrical installations of towers and buildings, street lighting, intelligent BMS systems, They also have protection and security systems, fire alarm system, network, tracking, etc.

5) Maintenance of facilities

Support after installation and commissioning of electrical systems is one of the most important issues surrounding all electrical operations. Zargar Light and Lighting Industries, by taking advantage of the scientific power and executive experience of engineers in this field, has the possibility to accompany respected employers regarding the maintenance and repair of electrical installations of these loved ones.


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