History and perspective

Our vision

Our mission is to help turn the country's economic wheels, and we have the honor to provide first-rate and high-quality Iranian products to our dear compatriots. It is hoped that in a 5-year perspective, in the horizon of 1406, we will see the export of zlp products to European countries and the Middle East region.

about us

Zargar lighting group with zlp brand has started its activity since 2008 in the field of producing high quality lighting products as well as implementing urban and green space lighting projects.

The beauty of the surroundingswith products ZLP

Pay more attention to the beauty of your surroundings!


Part of the completed projects

* Installation, commissioning and implementation of medium pressure distribution stations at the western and eastern doors of the Holy Shrine of Imam Reza (AS)
* Supply of industrial switchboards, lighting and implementation of Bahonar town-Bandar al-Bandar Abbas
* Supply of industrial switchboards and lighting of Medina Al-Reza Hotel in Mashhad
* Start-up and implementation of Dina and Dinatos food industries-Chi Toz
* Supply of industrial electrical panels for Mashhad City Train Operation Company
* Implementation and operation of 220-bed Razavi Hospital
* Supply of industrial electrical panels for Shahid Hashminejad Hospital of Mashhad
* Implementation and operation of Dina Carton Company Mashhad
* Supply of industrial electrical panels of Kish Asai Electricity Company
* Production of light tower projectors and lighting supply of the Japanese consulate for Jalke Tehran company
* Execution and operation of Azim motor house, sector 4 of Imam Reza Holy Shrine (A.S.) Serchin Chenaran
* supply of industrial electrical panels of Opal Parsian Sangan Khaf company

our goals

Considering the current economic conditions, the main goal of Zargar Lighting Group is to set up a production unit and create employment for Iranian youth. Our other goals are to sell the necessities of other manufacturing and lighting workshops as a result of helping them to revive and turn the wheel. the country's economy

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